5 Key Political Issues Sarah Jessica Parker Wants To Talk About

“Women’s issues have the most impact because they affect the most people,” said Sarah Jessica Parker, who has spoken out as an ardent Democrat, fundraiser and early supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“I am so pleased at the tenor of conversation in the Democratic Party. I’ve been really proud of the discipline both candidates have shown, especially in the face of the circus on the other side.”

Here are five key issues that are top of mind for Parker right now.

1. Education
“I’ve met so many incredible schoolteachers who go about their work in much more interesting, less pedantic ways than I do mine. They are the backbone of society.”

2. Immigration
“The immigration policy that hopefully the Democratic Party lands on will largely affect women and families. We know [undocumented women] and know the kinds of contributions they are making to their families, and we know how much being here has meant to them, how much they want to contribute to our society — they want to be on the books, they want to pay taxes, buy houses and go to private schools. They don’t want to live off the government.”

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3. Equal pay
“The thing that is most important right now is minimum wage — that affects so many millions of women. It directly impacts the quality of childcare and early childhood education.”

4. Protecting the working class
“I’ve never met anybody who is on the margins who didn’t want to work hard and take care of themselves. Those are the things that are the most important to me, and I feel like [Clinton] is exceptionally well equipped to make that her aim. I also believe it’s really important that Bernie Sanders contributes to the platform. He has enormous amount of compassion toward the working-class people in this country, as do I as well. I come from a union family, and we never crossed a picket line growing up.”

5. Tax fairness
“I still believe in those old-fashioned ideas of being more civic in my thoughts rather than not wanting to pay more taxes. I can and should pay more taxes.”

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