The Unexpected Shoes Moments From The Presidential Campaign Trail

Now that New Hampshire and Iowa’s primaries have wrapped, candidate politics are only going to continue to heat up, but we’re taking a bit of a break to talk footwear. After all, FN does stand for Footwear News.

We rounded up a few of our favorite “campaign” (or really close to the “campaign season”) footwear moments from the primaries thus far.

1. Marco Rubio‘s Florsheim Duke boots grabbed headlines for Rubio out on the Iowa campaign trail. The Senator’s shoe style definitely spurred big headlines, questioning everything from cost (they’re under $150) to how high the boot heels actually were (1.75 inches.)

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio in Florsheim Duke boots.
CREDIT: REX/Shutterstock.
Florsheim Duke Boots Marco Rubio
Florsheim’s Duke boots.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

2. Chris Christie may have been thinking a bit about the Jersey shore when he stepped out in a pair of boating shoes on the campaign trail in New Hampshire last month. The governor, who is now expected to suspend his campaign, caught attention for his Bill Vance Pro Fishing Shoes at an event.

Chris Christie
Chris Christie in fishing shoes at a December New Hampshire campaign stop.
CREDIT: AP Images.
Chris Christie
Chris Christie’s shoes

3. Jeb Bush‘s shoe choice on the road might be a metaphor for the state of his campaign. The Governor of Florida was recently spotted wearing a pair of dress shoes, but they were unfortunately held together with duct tape. At least he owns a pair of rather spiffy western boots.

Jeb Bush Shoes Duct Tape
Jeb Bush’s shoes being held together with duct tape.
CREDIT: @ianbremmer/Twitter
Jeb Bush.
Jeb Bush at the The Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa.
CREDIT: AP Images.
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush at the The Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale, Iowa.
CREDIT: AP Images.

4. Two days before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her Presidential bid for 2016 she took the stage at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting in Las Vegas, where a woman threw a shoe on stage at Clinton. Was it a sign of how Clinton’s campaign was to go in 2015?

HIllary Clinton
Hillary Clinton on stage in Las Vegas.
CREDIT: AP Images.

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