In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s K-Swiss Sneakers This Week

This week, Footwear News‘s sneaker columnist Stacey Griffith — a senior master instructor at SoulCycle and avid sneakerhead — opts for vintage K-Swiss sneakers. See her thoughts on the style below:

I love this vintage company so much! In 1966, these two [Swiss] brothers started this company in California based on their love of tennis, and designed a simple and sleek sneaker meant for the tennis court! After many back and forths with ownership, marketing campaigns, design changes, blah blah blah … the classic KSWISS look is captured in my sneaks this week in kelly green. 

These kicks are 20 years old, and I can’t even find them on the Internet! I’m not sure how or why, but they may be the last surviving pair of green and white K-Swiss sneakers on the planet.

These sneakers and a pair of classic jeans is one of my favorite looks. It’s very similar to the Stan Smith vibe, so put your best Ralph Lauren U.S. Open polo on and call it a day!

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