How Boomer Phelps Is Already Training for the Olympics Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Phelps’ baby boy, Boomer, is following in his father’s footsteps — all the way to the pool.

The mega-medal-winning Olympian brought his son to Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show on Sept. 22 and shared a photo of the 4-month-old alongside an Olympic Games-style kiddie pool gift from the host.

The stylish tot had on a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins — a children’s brand the tot donned while supporting his father during the recent Rio Olympic Games.

“Thanks Ellen DeGeneres for having me on!! Excited to get Boomer ready for #2032!!” Phelps captioned the picture on Facebook.

Phelps — the most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 medals (23 gold, three silver, two bronze) — shared with the comedienne that his son with fiancé Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California USA beauty queen, “positively loves the water.”

Of course, DeGeneres continued her tradition of presenting guests on her show with quirky gifts.

“Sounds like he’s going to be a swimmer,” she responded. “I have just the gift for that!”

The Under Armour athlete was presented with a miniature Olympic-style pool that was emblazoned with the year 2032, when Boomer will turn 16 years old — the same age Michael participated in his first Olympic Games in 2000 in Sydney.

Along with the pool, DeGeneres also provided a swimming cap and trunks for Boomer.

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