Mariah Carey Poses in Furry Snowboots and a Bikini in Aspen

We’re not sure which is more surprising: Mariah Carey checking into an AirBnB, or covering up for her annual Christmas Instagram snap.

Carey’s festive Instagram posts featuring the singer in snowy Aspen, Colo., wearing a bikini and not much else have become something of a holiday tradition. But this year, she has opted for a more demure approach.

Carey is wearing a plaid shirt atop that Ariel-worthy pink sequined bikini and hiding a good 18 inches of shapely calf under a pair of black furry snowboots. Not only that, but from the picture she posted Tuesday on her feed, they look as if they might be a relatively sensible height.



It certainly makes a change from the 5-inch Alaïa heels she wore to climb the Empire State Building to switch on the holiday lights earlier this month or those 6.5-inch Louboutins which (nearly) proved her downfall while attending the preview of her fly-on-the-wall TV show “Mariah’s World.”

Mariah arrived in Aspen on Monday by private jet and is staying in a five-bed, five-bath luxury AirBnB mansion complete with two living rooms, elevator, game room, cinema, sauna and outdoor dining area complete with that obligatory sauna.


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