Lena Dunham is Helping Empower Young Women With a Sneaker

We know Lena Dunham has a taste for quirky footwear. Remember when she wore those Streetzies bunny mules to the CFDA Awards in June?

Now Dunham is bringing her signature funky style to a pair of women’s sneakers — and it’s for a good cause. Dunham has collaborated with Lakai on a pair of the skate brand’s Fura high-top sneakers, with all proceeds benefitting the Young Women Empowered organization, which mentors and supports young women from diverse backgrounds.

Dunham tapped her friend, illustrator Joana Avillez, to create the doodle-like print on the shoe that shows girls doing various activities such as typing on computers and riding bikes.

Lena Dunham Lakai Sneakers Zappos
Lena Dunham’s sneakers for Lakai.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Zappos.

Dunham told Vogue that she wanted the sneaker to be “something that, from a distance, looked very casual, but then when you got close, it was almost like toile wallpaper. You get close and realize there are a million fascinating little women on the shoe, which is sort of a metaphor for the Young Women Empowered. I saw these teenage girls and thought I knew what they were about, and then I got closer and there’s some extreme creative magic happening there.”

So why work with a skate company? Dunham said that she has had a lifelong fascination with skate culture, despite having never skateboarded. Her friend, director Spike Jonze, suggested she work on a skate shoe with Lakai, the brand for which Jonze was an early investor.

The shoes — available now in bright pink with black print and in white with black print — retail for $70 on Zappos.com.

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