Model Lara Stone Says She Can’t Walk in High Heels

Lara Stone may well be considered one of the world’s top models, but that doesn’t mean that walking in high heels comes naturally to her. In an interview with Net-a-Porter’s online magazine, The Edit, she confided that the skill has always eluded her.

“I can’t walk in heels,” she revealed, “so the catwalk is not really for me. I get super-nervous. Like, shaking. I hate being on any kind of stage.”

Fortunately, however, this minor omission on her resumé hasn’t stood in the way of her career. An industry veteran at the age of 33, Stone was scouted by modeling agency Elite in her early teens. She signed an exclusive deal with Calvin Klein in 2010, when she was 26. The brand made her the face of Calvin Klein Collection, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans — all at the same time.

“I got really lucky,” she said. “I did one or two seasons, then I got my contract with Calvin Klein, so for four or five years I couldn’t do any shows because I was exclusive to them. It was great.

“Now I’ll do one or two,” she added. “I’ve got my son — I don’t want to be on a big fashion tour for a month if I don’t have to be.”

Appropriately, in the circumstances, Stone’s accompanying shoot for Net-a-Porter sees her modeling a pair of Jimmy Choo’s shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots — they are flat.

Jimmy Choo shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots.
Jimmy Choo shearling-trimmed leather ankle boots.
CREDIT: Courtesy photo.

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