Bon Qui Qui Reveals How to ‘Slay’ Christmas and Recalls the Shoes That Got Her Fired From Alexander Wang

Bon Qui Qui is wishing everybody a “Merry Hoodmas” — her holiday greeting and also the title of her new EP.

The alter ego of comedienne Anjelah Johnson recently released the hip-hop comedy holiday record along with a companion “ugly” Christmas sweater ($35) for those who want to “slay” at their next holiday party.

bon qui qui christmas sweater
Bon Qui Qui’s Christmas sweater; $35; Hahaholiday.com
CREDIT: Courtesy of Anjelah Johnson.

Before she kicks of her forthcoming national tour on Dec. 29, the “Mad TV” alum channeled her beloved character and shared with Footwear News her style tips, party etiquette and what it was like getting fired on her first day selling shoes for Alexander Wang.

Footwear News: What inspired the “ugly” Christmas sweater?
Bon Qui Qui: “Basically, you’ve seen 2 Chainz (rapper) make $2 million on a Christmas sweater, so I was like, shoot, your girl can do it too, hey. That’s why I’m talking to you, so I can make $2 million because right now I’m sitting on about two hundred.”

FN: What shoes would you pair with the sweater?
BQ: “The No. 1 go-to is Timberland — throw them on the feet everywhere you go, especially if it’s cold. In my video for this sweater, ‘Jingle Bell Slay,’ I’m wearing it with my Timberlands. The other shoes I wear with it are bedazzled sneaks, and if you want to wear it with heels, go get it, girl. Dress it up how you want because you can slay in anything.”

Bon Qui Qui wears Timberland boots in "Jingle Bells Slay" off her "Merry Hoodmas" EP.
Bon Qui Qui wears Timberland boots in “Jingle Bells Slay” off her “Merry Hoodmas” EP.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Anjelah Johnson.

FN: Where does Bon Qui Qui go shopping for shoes?
BQ: I love Alexander Wang, even though I have to wait for clearance. I’m on the come up, but until then there’s a store up the street from my house called Fashion and everything is $3.99; that’s a fashion miracle, that’s what it is.

Bon Qui Qui fashion
Bon Qui Qui’s bedazzled wedges.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Anjelah Johnson.

FN: What’s in your shoe closet?
BQ: “I try to get the BOGO, buy one get one. I go for the deals for a come up. I do have a pair of red bottoms — I did paint the red on myself, so I don’t know if it counts. I’ve got a pair of heels they are Louis Vuitton shoes, like the hand bangs, and those junks are expensive, like $2,000, but I didn’t pay for it. I got sneaker wedges from Shoe Dazzle and then I had a friend bedazzle them for my show.

bon qui qui alexander wang
Bon Qui Qui fits Alessandra Ambrosio with a pair of Alexander Wang shoes.
CREDIT: YouTube.

FN: What was it fitting a pair of shoes on Alessandra Ambrosio when you worked for one day at Alexander Wang’s New York City flagship store?
BQ: “She tryin’ to act like she’s a small foot girl, but she’s a big foot. I was trying to help him out (Wang) — I was like, look, I can help you bring up your sales, woot woot, but he wasn’t having that and he fired me.”

FN: Are you surprised by any of your celebrity fans?
BQ: “Alexander Wang still calls me up. He just invited me to a party in New York the other day and I met Teyana Taylor.”


FN: What are the do’s and don’ts of office holiday parties?
BQ: “No. 1: If you can’t hold your alcohol, don’t be drinking at the office holiday party. You do not want to make a fool of yourself and the next day people be lookin’ at you different. Know your limits, girl. No. 2: Think about what you’re wearing; if you come to work every day normal and all of a sudden you come to work with cleavage out, just think about the impression you leave: They’re going to wonder what you do at night. Get a ‘Slay’ sweater because you can dress it up and not show cleavage.”

FN: Do you have a ‘Mad TV’ shoe memory to share?
BQ: “There was this one time I had fierce heels, like, fierce. They had the color green within the heels, and I was doing this show for ‘Mad TV’ on a green screen and it looked like I was floating in the air — so it was like, Bon Qui Qui has no feet and all of sudden she can float.”

FN: Who is your style icon?
BQ: “I look up to a lot of people. If people say you look like a hot mess and you think you look fierce, do that. I respect people who show up on the red carpet with their own sense of style. Remember when Lady Gaga showed up wearing meat like she went to the grocery store? To me that’s crazy, girl. You be trippin’ but do you, that’s what I respect.”

FN: How long does it take you to get ready?
BQ: “I woke up like this, hey. Sometimes it takes me like two hours. I need to get that eyeliner fierce; it’s wing tip liner, not round, so it takes a minute. Sometimes it takes a lot of time with my hair, like an up-do takes the most time.”

FN: What’s the top expression of yours that people use when they see you?
BQ: “Every time someone see me they always say, ‘Security’ — okay, I get it, that’s funny.”

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