Why Social Media Star Arielle Vandenberg Wants To Raid Kristen Stewart’s Closet

Arielle Vandenberg, the social media personality and star of Rebecca Minkoff’s holiday campaign, shares the secrets to her effortlessly cool shoe style.

BRAND MIX: “I have a large amount of Converse and Nike because I’m all about comfort. Most of my shoes are black leather boots: heeled versions, flats, laceups, zippers. I have so many black boots they are taking over my closet. R13 boots are amazing and my go-to.”

CLOSET ORGANIZATION STRATEGY: “I’m actually a freak. I have individual see-through boxes of the styles that I don’t wear every day. Boots and tennis shoes are right next to each other.”

Arielle Vandenberg Closet Case
Arielle Vandenberg
CREDIT: Courtesy of Vandenberg.

FIRST DESIGNER PURCHASE: “Phillip Lim boots with a giant heel. I was obsessed. I’ve had them for nine years. I also splurged on the YSL heels that everyone had. I had to have those.”

CURRENT OBSESSION: “The Rihanna [Fenty shoes] for Puma. The Creepers are so comfortable, and they make every outfit cool. I have three different colors, including white patent leather. They are so fun and make anything a little more funky. I don’t like the word funky, but I’m going to use it here.”

Rihanna FNAA 2016
Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Creepers.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES TO WEAR ON SET: “I have Chelsea Paris simple black strappy heels that I wear to almost every audition. They are pretty, and I’ve worn those a lot on set before.”

HIGHEST PAIR OF HEELS: “I do have some very high heels. I’m a tall person, so they make me like an Amazon. My tallest heels are 6 inches, by Giuseppe Zanotti. I remember buying them and being like, “Oh, I’m Lady Gaga.’ ”

CELEBRITY WHOSE SHOE CLOSET I’D LIKE TO RAID: “Kristen Stewart, because she only wears Converse.”

Kristen Stewart Cannes Film Festival
Kristen Stewart at the Cannes Film Festival.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

LAST PAIR PURCHASED: “Alexander Wang ankle booties with a little cut-out heel.”

GO-TO SNEAKERS: “Definitely Converse sneakers. I wear them out at night.”

MOST DARING LOOK: “I don’t wear them often, but I have blue patent leather shoes. I’ve kept them in my closet for so long. They are beautiful and look like alligator skin. They are from Santoni’s Rose collection. I swear it says No. 2 of a 26 limited edition.”

BEST REBECCA MINKOFF STYLES: “She has some ankle boots that are so comfortable and cute. I love all the leopard shoes. She also has these little loafers that [I’m a fan of].”

Arielle Vandenberg Closet Case
Arielle Vandenberg in Rebecca Minkoff’s holiday campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

SHOES I ALWAYS PACK FOR TRAVEL: “Black boots by Hope. I take them everywhere because you can wear them with dresses and jeans and shorts. They are not too much; they are so simple. I pack them for every trip, and they don’t get messed up in your bag.”

PAIR I COULD NEVER PART WITH: “I keep going back to stupid Converse. There are these Converse I’ve had since high school — they are navy blue. The best blue ever.”

Converse White Chuck Taylor All-Star
Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Converse

Click here to watch Vandenberg in Minkoff’s “Holiday My Way” campaign.


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