Zappos.com Launches #ImNotABox Campaign Encouraging Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Zappos.com is getting better connected to its consumers with the launch today of its #ImNotABox campaign. The e-tailer collaborated with creative collective Variable to create “Box Home,” a short film that captures the emotion of the campaign, which was created to focus on customer service and out-of-the-box culture.

The two-minute video debuted on Zappos.com’s YouTube and social media channels, with an abbreviated version to air nationally on select cable television networks. The video spotlights a young boy who extends his compassion to a homeless man by creating a makeshift home of various household materials.

“The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers, wherever they are in life, as we provide them with the things they need and love.” said Kelly Smith of Zappos THINK, an in-house experimental campaign team at Zappos.com focused on creating storytelling movements. “Every box has a unique story and purpose. Not only do we want customers to know we genuinely care about their needs, but we also hope to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and to see the world with a new perspective. We want people in the end to say, ‘I’m not a box.’ “

Coinciding with the launch of the video, Zappos.com will ship a limited number of special-edition white boxes starting June 1. The box will not only bring customers the products they need, but will also include a collection of template designs including a smartphone holder, children’s shoe sizer and geometric planter. Customers will not only be able to reuse their boxes in a range of ways, but also be inspired to channel their creativity.

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