U.S. Stocks Open Down On Continued Brexit Jitters

Global markets opened down again Monday morning as concerns about Brexit and global economic stability carried over from Friday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 300 points after opening down at 17,355.21, the S&P 500 opened at 2,031.45 but quickly fell about 2 percent, and the NASDAQ Composite opened at 4,664.43 but slipped 2.6 percent this morning.

On Thursday, the United Kingdom voted to secede from the European Union, sparking concerns about the value of the British pound, health of the European economy and general jitters about the stability of the market.

Over the weekend, rumors and concerns started brewing in the United Kingdom that both the Conservative and Labour parties were struggling with infighting and seeking a new change in leadership.

Event the healthiest footwear stocks were not immune from the jitters this morning, either. Nike Inc, which reports earnings Tuesday, saw share prices slip by 2 percent after opening at $52.39. Under Armour opened at $37.09, but slipped roughly 4.5 percent during the first trades of the day.

Retailer stocks were also on edge. Macy’s fell about 3 percent after the markets opened. Foot Locker dipped roughly 4 percent after opening at $52.68.

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