Two Ten, FDRA Announce New Footwear Career Resource

Two big shoe industry organizations are coming together to promote growth in the industry. The Two Ten Footwear Foundation and Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America announced this week they were joining forces to launch a new career website and resource.

The Footwear Careers Marketplace  site will not only be a listing for employment opportunities in the shoe industry, but it will aim to solve a bigger challenge: helping to grow and retain talent. It will cover all types of jobs, including retail, design, marketing and wholesale.

Additionally, all profits from the new website will help to support a new Two Ten fund that aims to support industry members who are between jobs and need financial aid.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this new venture and believe the more our industry works together, the more we will thrive,” said FDRA president Matt Priest. “The Footwear Careers Marketplace will serve our entire industry well on many levels and ensure those looking for work in the footwear industry will be connected with companies in search of new talent.”

“Two Ten is about shoe people helping shoe people, and the Footwear Careers Marketplace is organic to this core mission,” said Two Ten leader Neal Newman. “From helping our industry workers find new jobs or grow their careers, to supporting footwear companies’ efforts to effectively reach new talent, to helping shoe people in between jobs — we think the Marketplace is a natural extension of what our organization does every day.”

The new website went live on June 1.

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