Pensole Footwear Design Academy Launches 2nd Annual Design Course In Denmark

Pensole Footwear Design Academy is once again partnering with Danish footwear brand Ecco and Denmark’s Kolding School of Design for a five-week footwear design course.

The 2016 international (iPensole) hands-on intensive master class, to be held from Sept. 22 through Oct. 26 at the Kolding School of Design, will pair aspiring designers with projects from Danish footwear and materials manufacturer Ecco to create new designs from idea to finished concept.

The submission process for the 2016 course differs from last year’s in that prospective students are asked to submit both an original design — either from a footwear sketch or a color-and-material mood board — and a self-produced YouTube video explaining their submission and why they wish to be considered for admission.

Applicants must register at Pensole by 11:59 p.m. PDT on Aug. 7. Students selected for iPensole will be notified on Aug. 15. All entrants must be at least 18.

Pensole design students
Students at a Pensole Footwear Design Academy class.

“Last year’s class was a huge success at Kolding,” said Pensole founder D’Wauyne Edwards. “Ecco’s dedication to education and sharing its knowledge of shoemaking provides European Pensole students with a master class learning experience not found anywhere else.”

The iPensole students will visit Ecco’s headquarters and learn from professionals including design directors, designers, developers, engineers and Pensole staff..

Tuition for DSKD students is free; for non-DSKD students, the cost is $2,500.

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