Cambrelle Claims Victory Over China-Based Counterfeiters

Camtex Fabrics Ltd., the U.K.-based manufacturer of Cambrelle, a nonwoven synthetic fabric used as a lining for footwear, says it has emerged victorious following a two-year trademark infringement battle in China.

The company said that the Zhejiang Province Rui-an City People’s Court in China determined that Wenzhou Superteng Nonwoven Technology Co. Ltd, a China-based manufacturer of a nylon spunbond nonwoven fabric, infringed upon its trademark footwear lining.

Camtex said that the court had previously confiscated 6.2 tons of imitation piqué fabric along with an embossing roll that had enabled Wenzhou Superteng to copy Cambrelle’s design. The court passed its original judgment, in favor of Camtex, in December 2015, but Wenzhou Superteng had appealed that ruling, according to a statement from Camtex.

The manufacturer said it had enlisted the help of a local Chinese law firm in order to have the allegedly infringing product removed from shelves and to initiate a legal case against the defendant in China.

“You can’t do this from afar,” Kieran O’Hare, Camtex Fabrics managing director, said in a statement. “You need to be on the ground to gather evidence and to convince the authorities to investigate and verify for themselves what is going on.”

Camtex’s joint venture partner Cosmo Hong Kong Ltd. also assisted the brand in pursuing the legal matter, O’Hare noted.

“The decision to take the case to court shows our customers that we are willing to protect this valuable trademark in China so that they can be confident that when buying Cambrelle through official suppliers, they know they are getting the real thing,” “Josh VanDernoot, president of Cosmo, said in a statement.

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