AAFA Debuts New Shoe Policy Committee

Industry group American Apparel and Footwear Association is expanding its commitment to the footwear industry with a new shoe-focused subcommittee.

The new Footwear Action committee aims to “develop and implement information, policies, programs and initiatives focused on helping AAFA members who make, distribute and sell shoes,” according to the release. AAFA’s vice president of international trade Nate Herman will lead the committee.

The initiative is one of the first major actions under the AAFA’s new president and CEO, Rick Helfenbein. Over the next few months, the committee will focus on pinpointing key policies, either in front of Congress already or in the works, that will benefit footwear. With key issues ranging from the Trans-Pacific Partnership passage to tax and business policies under consideration by Congress, it’s a crucial time for footwear, and the new committee aims to better focus the AAFA energies on the industry.

The AAFA said more broadly the committee’s overall goals would be to produce more footwear-focused products, driving more footwear-specific policies and offering a forum for footwear issues.


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