FN Summit: True Fit Brings Comfort To Shoppers & Retailers

One of the major challenges footwear industry leaders discussed during Monday’s FN Summit in New York is one that keeps coming back: shoe returns. True Fit’s chief executive officer, William R. Adler, revealed to attendees just how the company uses data to help people buy and keep what they love.

“How could we possibly organize all of this data in this really big and decentralized footwear and apparel industry?” Adler asked the audience.

He introduced the True Fit Genome, a collaborative web platform that gathers fit and style data from 100 major retailers and 10,000 brands. Genome brings together brand data and consumer data to help retailers optimize their shoppers’ online buying experience.

“We’re essentially a translation software. We work with the 10,000 designers and translate their intended designs and their intended fit to the consumer,” Adler said.

William R. Adler True Fit
William R. Adler onstage during the FN Summit in NYC.
CREDIT: George Chinsee.

By mapping data on gender, size, purchase affinity and other attributes, True Fit works to catalog a shopper’s distinct taste and curate the clothing and footwear they already appreciate, all the while generating new styles he or she might be interested in.

“We’ve got to get people to feel confident to branch out,” Adler said. “Insights make for some really great growth and happy customers.”

Adler said True Fit’s user-informed platform has allowed the company to alert retailers on how to improve their websites and make recommendations to brands on which products customers want to see adjustments in.

“Ultimately, it’s about discovery — capture why people buy, keep and wear things, and that’s really where this is going,” Adler said.

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