Santoni Debuts Customization Service

Italian brand Santoni is taking customer satisfaction to the next level with the launch of its online customization service #MySantoniColours, which can be accessed via the brand’s website www.santonishoes.com.

In 3 steps, the customer can create a fully personalized design of the brand’s monk strap model “Carter,” in a monocolor or bicolor version, choosing from 16 different shades that allow over 500 possible combinations.

In the first step, the customer can pick the monocolor design or choose between two possible bicolor versions, where either the toe-cap or quarter of the shoe receive a second color. After that it’s all about color preference, choosing between the 16 shades that include a warm red, electric blue and taupe among others. The third and final step allows to sign the inner sole of the shoe with the own initials.

For such a unique design, shoe lovers have to pay 715 euros, or about $797 and will receive their customized pair within 4 to 6 weeks.

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