Prada Pumps Are on Sale for Black Friday at Walmart.com

For Black Friday, luxury items are also available for deep discounts on Walmart.com.

The retailer has a selection of several Prada shoes, including a pair of pumps for $475 (reduced from $695) and boots for $279 (retails for $720), among other high-end products.

prada walmart
Prada pumps available for $475 on Black Friday on Walmart.com.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Walmart.com

One of the priciest items available includes an $18,000 Cartier watch.

But the brands are not carried in Walmart stores. Instead, they are sold through Walmart.com’s digital marketplace — an intermediary portal similar to marketplaces on Amazon and eBay — where an authorized merchant uses the website to facilitate a sale.

Shellys London shoes available for $0.99 on Black Friday at Walmart.com.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Walmart.com

Walmart.com boasts more than 15 million items, including footwear, apparel and electronics. Its marketplace platform launched in 2009, and it includes a vetting of all sellers to “ensure that they can maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction,” a representative for the Walmart previously told Footwear News. “They are responsible for the fulfillment and customer service.”

Some other bargain shoes available on the website include a pair of canvas oxford shoes by Shellys London for 99 cents (previously listed at $49), and a pair of patent leather Vince Camuto pumps for $3.99 (previously listed at $98).

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