Study: Millennial Democrats Are More Interested in Fashion Than Young Republicans

The great divide between young Democrats and young Republicans doesn’t end at the polls — it’s also apparent in their closets.

In a new study commissioned by The Guardian, global research agency YouGov analyzed shopping habits of more than 200,000 American millennials and found that political party affiliation correlated with their shopping habits.

The survey responses found that Democrats are more diverse, shop more often, and are more fashion-forward with their wardrobe than Republicans, who preferred demure and homogenous styles. Millennial Democrats are more likely to say they “follow the latest trends and fashion,” the data showed. By contrast, the Republicans were more likely to agree that they “tend to stick to classic items that are timeless rather than go for whatever is ‘in-fashion.’”

Some of the brands Democrats favored include Vans, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein and H&M. Meanwhile, Republicans said they prefer Walmart’s Faded Glory line, Under Armour and classic labels such as Clarks, Brooks Brothers, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren.

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