Matt Bernson Unveils Second Store

Matt Bernson has unveiled his second store and shoe lovers are certain to love the new spot.

The new location is open for business at 136 Main St. in Westport, Conn. The boutique will offer Bernson’s namesake line of contemporary jewelry, shoes and bags. In 2012, in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, Bernson opened his first shop, and he’s been looking to expand since.

“I lived in Tribeca for 15 years, which gave me a good feel for the area,” said Bernson. “I moved to Westport about a year ago and really got the same feel of the neighborhood. There are a lot of similarities actually. There’s a creative element and sophisticated customer.”

The Westport store will include some special exclusive shoes that have espadrille inspired elements to them, as well as get new jewelry styles first.

Bernson’s new shop features standout brass fixtures and lighting, and a herringbone style wood floor complemented by sleek 1960s-era modern furnishings. Additionally, Bernson said he commissioned artist Taso to help design 1970s-inspired artwork for the walls that told the story of the brand.

Matt Bernson's Westport, Conn. store
Matt Bernson’s Westport, Conn. store
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

It’s a full circle moment for Bernson, who designed the store with an architect who first employed him early in his career, and Bernson turned to his father to help build the store.

“I’m really excited for this store,” he said. “I think getting it actually open was the nerve racking part, but once the artwork went up on the walls and we were open for business, it was a relief.”

Matt Bernson's Westport, Conn. store
Matt Bernson’s Westport, Conn., store
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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