5 of the Most Influential Celebrities for Sneaker Tech

Touting the use of top-notch technology in their products and services has become an effective sales strategy for many brands and retailers these days. A new tech-savvy consumer is certainly one factor motivating fashion firms to up the ante in this arena, but who is motivating the consumer when it comes to their ramped up tech demands?

Celebrities have long been the leading footwear-and-apparel influencers — and technology doesn’t seem to be much different.

According to market intelligence platform Affinio, which analyzed anyone who shared five different articles referencing the “Back to the Future II” Nike Mag release on Twitter, people with an interest in technology were most riled up over the launch.

Affinio said its analysis of an audience of about 37,000 people was also able to determine the celebrities who most influenced this tech-savvy crowd.

Mr. Yeezy Boost himself, Kanye West, landed at the No. 1 spot, while Chance the Rapper, a buzzy newcomer to the hip-hop scene, landed at No. 2.

Toronto native and platinum-selling artist Drake was No. 3, with Tyler the Creator and rapper J. Cole rounded out the list, landing at No. 4 and 5, respectively.

If you’re noticing a trend here, Affinio also determined that 20 percent of those Twitter users interested in Nike’s self-lacing sneaker — and sneaker technology, by extension — are united by a shared interest in rap and hip-hop music.

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