Why Even the Biggest Holiday Sales Still Won’t Lure Some People Into Shopping

This may be the time of the year when retailers pull out all the stops in hopes of enticing consumers to hit their stores and websites in droves, but new evidence shows that some shoppers will probably never buy into the hysteria of holiday-themed sales bonanzas.

According to a new study by market research platform Slice Intelligence, Cyber Weekend continues to be the most lucrative retail period of the year, but there is a large population of frequent online shoppers who avoid spending between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Slice Intelligence looked at shoppers who bought six or more items online this year and found that nearly 50 percent of them didn’t participate in Cyber Weekend.

Data shows that holdouts aren’t driven by holiday season sales, as their online spending stays relatively constant throughout the year,” the researchers wrote.

More specifically, Slice Intelligence suggests that a major reason why this group is avoiding mega one-time sales events is probably because they use the online marketplace for more consistent buying practices such as subscriptions and meal delivery services.

This is clearly seen in the manual shaving category; more than half of Bevel’s buyers avoided the online shopping holiday, while over a third of Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club subscribers did so as well,” the researchers wrote. “Similarly, meal delivery services like UberEats and GrubHub have a large population of users who avoided Cyber Weekend, indicating that these people are shopping online for convenience more so than products.”

Another interesting fact about the Cyber Weekend holdouts, according to Slice Intelligence, is that many of them live outside of major cities.

Nearly half of regular online shoppers who didn’t spend over Cyber Weekend live outside of a large metropolitan area,” the study said. “A higher proportion of shoppers from the U.S.’s top 10 metropolitan areas — roughly 46 percent — participated in Cyber Weekend.”

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