Social Media Stars Push Brandy Melville To Top Fashion Brand Social Engagement

Social media stars have helped catapult Brandy Melville to the top of the Instagram engagement charts for fashion brands.

The Italy-meets-California retailer earned 9.3 million Instagram “likes” in March, besting Victoria Beckham’s 7.7 million score.

Melville’s digital marketing strategy includes lifestyle campaigns – celebrating the free-spirited millennial – featuring e-famous models who have large followings across social networking platforms. The brand increased its following around 1.6 percent, representing nearly 53,000 new followers added to a nearly 3.3 million fan base during the month.

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Trailing behind in the second spot, Beckham – who returned to heels after swearing them off – made waves on Instagram with a look at her life behind the scenes, as well as appearances by her husband, David Beckham. The designer scored 7.7 million “likes.”

Among the other top 50 fashion brands that increased engagement on Instagram, Nike earned 6.4 million “likes” in third place, followed by Valentino’s 4.5 million in the No. four position and Dior’s 4.1 million rounding out the fifth spot.

1. Brandy Melville

Instagram engagement: 9.3 million
Total followers (as of March 31): 3.3 million
March’s highlights: E-famous models posing at Coachella and various California hot spots.

2. Victoria Beckham

Instagram engagement: 7.7 million
Total followers (as of March 31): 9.7 million
March’s highlights: Victoria shares snaps of her husband David Beckham and her return to high heels after swearing them off.

3. Nike

Instagram engagement: 6.4 million
Total followers (as of March 31): 40.9 million
March’s highlights: Teasing new releases and campaigns featuring Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and more.

4. Valentino

Instagram engagement: 4.5 million
Total followers (as of March 31): 4.5 million
March’s highlights: Star-studded appearances by Jennifer Lopez, Zayn Malik, Brie Larson and Naomi Watts wearing the label.

5. Dior

Instagram engagement: 4.1 million
Total followers (as of March 31): 9.2 million
March’s highlights: Jennifer Lawrence’s campaign videos and ad spots.

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