Penelope Chilvers Debuts Film Featuring Behind-The-Scenes Look At Craftmanship In Spain

Penelope Chilvers is giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at her craft. The England-born designer launched a video this weekend celebrating the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship that takes place at her factory in Spain. Here, FN talks to Chilvers about the filming process, her tassel boot worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and the spring ’17 trends on deck.

Why did you want to make this film?

“I wanted to show the work involved in making a pair of boots and what skill is required to make them beautifully.”

What was your favorite part of the filming process?

“When I visited with Aaron, my cameraman, he was fascinated to see how many stages there are to making a Goodyear welted pair of boots. When I saw our model, walking up the hill in the early morning mist in the countryside near my factory, the innate image of my brand came alive to me. We ended the morning with a good country breakfast of eggs and chorizo in a favorite roadside cafe after an early start.”

Penelope Chilvers 2016 Video
Penelope Chilvers spring ’17 ad campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

 Why do you think the tassel boots have become such a hit? What about the style resonates with consumers?

“The Long Tassel boot has been a consistent best-seller for us. It is a style that epitomizes the lifestyle that inspires me when I am designing. The purpose of my footwear is something I consider when I’m designing, and a healthy outdoor lifestyle captures the ethos of the brand. The cut of this style elongates the leg, and thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge being photographed in them many times over the last 10 years, they have become famous in their own right. The quality of the leather used to make this style, and others in our classic range, has such longevity and gets better with wear.”

Penelope Chilvers Shoes Fall 2016 Collection
Penelope Chilvers fall ’16 shoe collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

What are a few of the spring ’17 trends you are most excited about in your collection?

“We are currently selling our spring collection in our Mayfair showroom. Our collection spans styles that are equestrian-inspired, from Goodyear welted soles to a full range of vulcanized sneakers, plus a beautiful range of slippers, [which] we are renowned for. This spring is a little bit Santa Fe with a degrade color palette of turquoise, lilac, pale pink and naturals. The Spanish equestrian aesthetic, [brought over to the Americas in the Golden Age], has evolved into a unique American style of its own. I shot this new season in Spain, and the model rides through a medieval village on horseback. These amazing images sums up what we are about: We are a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ brand.”

Penelope Chilvers Shoes Fall 2016 Collection
Penelope Chilvers fall ’16 shoe collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Watch the full video here.

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