Designers, Fashion Players & Celebs Hit The Voting Booths In NYC

New Yorkers are headed to the polls today, and that means fashion insiders are casting ballots, too.

Designers and executives are taking to social media to share selfies and more at the polls, and to encourage their fans to get out and cast a ballot.

It’s maybe the worst-kept secret that many in the fashion industry are supporting Democrat frontrunner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Oval Office. Last week, Diane Von Furstenberg, Aurora James of Brother Vellies, Emily Weiss of the Glossier and Eva Chen, the fashion director for Instagram, hosted a splashy fundraiser for Hillary Clinton co-hosted by her daughter, Chelsea.

Even Anna Wintour, Vogue‘s editor, has stepped out wearing pro-Hillary shirts at Fashion Week.

While Clinton is favored to win for the Democratic party tonight, Republican candidate Donald Trump is expected to win on the other side of the aisle. Trump notably doesn’t have a few big names stepping out to vote for him today: Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump didn’t register in time for the closed New York primary.

See what fashion has to say on social media today.

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