Ugg Hits Runway For Grungy Gentleman At New York Fashion Week Men’s

It’s been a week of firsts at the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Ugg’s men’s collection made its debut runway appearance last night as a part of the Grungy Gentleman presentation.

The brand contributed a few styles for the runway show in New York, customizing pairs of the Freamon style with a large G for the occasion. The Freamon style is one of the latest from Ugg’s more athletic, rubber-soled styles.

Other styles on the runway included a few classic silhouettes and new sneakers.

As the men’s industry heats up, Ugg is taking further advantage and made a debut of its men’s line on fashion-favorite social platform, Instagram, too. The @UggforMen account debuted this week.

“Ugg for Men has grown into a standalone business that deserves its own social channel” said Jim Davis, VP Consumer Engagement, Ugg.  “Launching in tandem with the Grungy Gentleman show, we are excited to operate this new platform to cater to our male consumer and deliver the content they desire”

Ugg at Grungy Gentleman
Cobalt blue men’s Ugg shoes at the Grungy Gentleman show.

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