Couture Kinky Boots? Up Close with Christian Dior’s Fetish Footwear

The respective footwear domains of sex shops and haute couture do not often (ever?) overlap.

Which is why the Christian Dior spring ’15 haute couture collection was so very titillating. Indeed, latex thigh-high and cropped boots infused Raf Simons’ collection with an air of haughty fetishism. The good Dior girl gone bad, if you will. (Read: as bad as dainty Dior girls can possibly go.)

Graphic hallowed-out cage heels also had a stripper-pole twirl to them. It’s always fasinating to see designers play with the high and lowly when it comes to footwear, and especially at couture, such as Chanel’s flip-flop foray last season. This very “wrongness,” or kinkiness in Dior’s case, certainly gives the vaulted collections more zeitgeist dash — even if one doesn’t have the cash to plunk down for these expensive pleasure-seeking shoes. Just to be sure the mind didn’t wander too far to some seedy bar scene, the style was also shown in an ornate sequin patterned version that was decidedly less naughty but no less nice.

Do we smell a whiff of “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Click through to see more of Dior’s sizzling spring ’15 shoes.

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