Shoe Close-Up: Fendi’s Unforgettable Fur Boots

One expects to see multiple iterations on the untraditional fur coat at a Fendi show. They also expect the kind of fur innovation, and with it, outlandish luxury, that is a cornerstone of the Roman house. Today in Milan, that approach went top-to-toe with sheared pelts applied to modernist boots. There was also intricate leatherwork on some styles. This trend of fur applied allover uppers on footwear has proved to be a sweeping style in Milan this fashion week – spotted everywhere from Santoni to Casadei, and most notably, Gucci. It begs the question, while previous generations saw the fur coat and a kind of status symbol and important milestone akin to the purchase of a car, will fur footwear become today’s go-to mode of transport for a certain sect? For those who have endured this season’s harsh winter, the answer may very well be yes. Click through for a  zoom-in at the fur and leather statement boots from Fendi’s fall 2015 collection.

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