#HeelConcept on Instagram — 10 of the Best Posts for Shoe Lovers

There are, at time of posting, 754 ways to make a heel.

That is according to the ever-popular Instagram hashtag #heelconcept, where grammers share weird and wonderful new shoe ideas.

The idea is simple: You snap a pic of your foot arched on some makeshift “heel,” which could take the form of a cup of coffee, a slice of cake or even a hair dryer, and post it to the social neworking site. The stranger the better.

According to Dazed, #heelconcept dates back to mid December, when an art and textile designer named Misty Pollen (@m.sty) shared “a photo of my leg as I stood on a bronze sculpture I had made of a figure sucking their own phallus.” Pollen proceeded to reach new heights thanks to a strategically wrapped belt (#heelconcept: belts), bronzed animals (#heelconcept:statuary) and painted ceramics (#heelconcept: planters), but by then she wasn’t the only person experimenting with new ideas.


Some of the more successful attempts we have seen involved stacking dolls, a plastic shark fin and a rock — all completely impractical yet undeniably creative, and a welcome break from the endless stream of selfies.

The viral campaign is nothing new, of course.Last year alone we had Kim Kardashian trying to #breaktheinternet in the buff, an ode to Arby-style accessories with #PharrellsHat and #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave thanks to the U.S. goalie’s athleticism in the World Cup. And though #HeelConcepts arrived at the end of 2014, it’s kicking off 2015 in social style.

Will you be posting? Stay tuned for FN’s own take on the trend on Instagram: @FootwearNews.

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