Women Who Rock: Liz Rodbell

This week’s “Women in Power” print issue shines a spotlight on the shoe industry’s female stars. Today, we kick off a web series to continue the conversation.

Each day in June, we will feature a female leader who has led the way. Here, Liz Rodbell, president of Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor sounds off on leadership and mentoring.

On leadership:

“For women or men to be successful leaders, there has to be a tremendous amount of authenticity. We can help create environments that people are motivated to work in, and [help them] excel and grow to whatever their level is. My goal is to be as candid and honest and collaborative and supportive as I can. It’s a we, not me.”

On achieving work/life balance:

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“I try not to do work/life balance. I just say it’s a busy life. From the time my kids were newborns until today — one’s 15 and one’s 19 — I included them in everything I did [professionally]. I am a part of their life and their education and their friends. It’s all blended. I think it’s made our successes more joyous. If there are problems, we understand them more quickly because we support each other.”

On mentoring the next generation:

“The whole concept of helping young women and men explore their strengths is so important. Mentoring is a precious relationship if it works. I think it can come through in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it’s as easy as knowing that a person is going to listen when you need it. It doesn’t have to be years and years of a relationship. We try to give young people enough exposure so they can grow, hopefully with us or another company in the industry. The world is moving so fast today. The expectations of a young, bright person coming off a campus is [that things are going to move as fast] as they have lived to that point. It’s not always an easy thing to navigate, but the great news is we have a great young pool of talent.”

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