Two Ten Announces $870K In Scholarships

Two Ten Footwear Foundation announced today that it is awarding $870,000 in scholarships to 310 students.

The footwear-focused nonprofit has long had a scholarship program, but this year marks one of its biggest years for both requests and donations in the more than 40 years the company has had the program. Two Ten said it received a record number of applications this year.

“Hundreds of shoe people and footwear companies have donated millions of dollars over the last 45 years to help make a college education available to everyone who works in the footwear industry. This is a truly remarkable expression of who we are as an industry and what we believe in,” said Neal Newman, president of Two Ten. “The more we grow our unique array of college and professional-education scholarships, the more our footwear community thrives.”

The scholarships are available to footwear employees and their family members seeking either a two- or four-year higher-education degree. In 2013, the organization also debuted the Footwear Warriors Scholarship honoring veterans, and last year the organization debuted its National Shoe Travelers scholarship fund.

This year, four veterans are receiving the Warriors scholarship, and 10 students are benefiting from the Shoe Travelers fund.

“Obtaining a college degree has become part of the American Dream; however, the soaring cost of higher education can leave students and their families with crippling debt,” said Debbie Ferrée, CMO of DSW and a member of Two Ten’s Board, the Two Ten Scholarship Committee. “Two Ten understands the value and importance of investing in the education of the next generation.”

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