Sole Commerce: Women’s Brands Talk Unique Spring 2016 Styles

United Nude Spring Sole Commerce
A United Nude spring '16 style shown at Sole Commerce.
Tommy Iannaccone

Sole Commerce is back in New York City. The three-day trade show wrapped Monday at the Javits Center, and Footwear News was on the scene getting scoops about the spring 2016 season.

Here, brands sound off on their freshest styles and trends.

United Nude:

“The geometric heel [paired with] silver leather gives [this style] a unique look,” said United Nude‘s Lenis Lozano. “It’s a different approach on a high heel, and the style is captivating when it’s on the foot.”

Oysby London:

“[This is] very easy to wear — feminine and unique. The wave inspiration and detail can stand by itself,” said Creative Director Dolapo Otunla.

Oysby London Spring Sole Commerce An Oysby London spring ’16 style at Sole Commerce. Tommy Iannaccone

Paul Mayer Attitudes: 

“I think [the cork] makes the look natural, with a little bit of studding,” said founder and designer Paul Mayer. “It’s super-comfortable, and women love cork.”

Paul Mayer Spring Sole Commerce A Paul Mayer spring ’16 style at Sole Commerce. Tommy Iannaccone


“We’re trying to focus on fashion uppers with a comfortable bottom. We want you to be able to wear this without switching shoes during the day,” said brand co-founder Asa Larsson.

Atelje Spring Sole Commerce An Atelje spring ’16 style at Sole Commerce. Tommy Iannaccone

Isa Tapia

“There are a of casuals out there, but I’m known for being more feminine,” said designer Isa Tapia. “I’m [exploring] ways to be comfortable, with dressy details. I’m using bright colors, and the delivery is based on picnic inspirations.”

Isa Tapia Spring Sole Commerce An Isa Tapia spring ’16 style at Sole Commerce. Tommy Iannaccone