Ellen DeGeneres Shoe Collection Under Fire By Animal Rights Activists

It looks like not everyone is excited for the new Ellen DeGeneres fashion collection. ED by Ellen DeGeneres, which debuts in stores this month, includes leather footwear, which have animal rights activists and vegans angry.

DeGeneres has said she is a vegan in the past and has given interviews about it. Care2, an online social network for causes, has started circulating a petition asking the media personality to remove the items from her collection. Already about 11,500 people have signed the petition.

“After years of proclaiming to be vegan and supporting animal welfare, she has shockingly released a clothing line that features leather…Unfortunately, Ellen has been slowly abandoning animal rights,” writes Chris Sosa, a Care2 writer, in the petition. “This new Ellen is not the person fans came to love over the past decades, and it’s sad. Ellen knows better, because she used to serve as an educator on these issues.”

Camuto Group is producing the footwear for the collection. FN has reached out for comment and will update accordingly.

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