Women Who Rock: Mindy Grossman on Female Empowerment

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman knows how to network.

The veteran retail executive — who has transformed HSN into a multichannel force — also racked up plenty of experience as a top Nike exec.

Here, she shares tips for finding the right career opportunity and talks about why her husband has been such a key mentor in her life.

Empowering more women to rise through the ranks:

We must support each other. We must speak out and encourage diversity at all levels. Proactively look for opportunities to mentor and support the next generation of talent. Be visible and share our experiences honestly and openly.”

On finding the right fit:

“I have always gone after what I want and made strategic moves at different times in my career if I did not feel the company or the leadership was not going to foster a culture of diversity and respect. You must align yourself with a company and with leadership that share your values and where you believe you can have the greatest opportunity to maximize your talents. If you don’t advocate on behalf of yourself you can’t expect someone else to do it for you.”

Her biggest supporter:

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“I have had many mentors, both male and female. However, I am very fortunate that the person who has been my biggest mentor, supporter, friend, advisor and lifeline has been my husband, Neil. He’s always told me the unvarnished truth, made me see things in a clearer light and has never not supported what I truly believed in — no matter what the outside world may have said. He gives me the confidence to block out the noise, stay focused, be bold and take risks. And most importantly, he can always make me laugh even during the toughest times. Recently, I have also been supporting a group of young female entrepreneurs, and as much as I have been helping them, I am also benefiting from their perspectives and experiences. Mentors can take many forms.”

Advice for emerging talent:

“Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and have the courage to take strategic risks. Whatever your job is make sure you are striving to do your best in that role and focus on making others and the company more successful. If you do that, you, in turn will be more successful. Build a strong network of relationships, cultivate them and give of yourself if you expect others to do so in return. Find what you are passionate about, make sure it’s purposeful and strive to have lasting impact. Of utmost importance, do not underestimate the transformational power of believing in yourself. Finally, you are only as good as your reputation, never compromise your beliefs and always be human.”


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