Christian Louboutin Connects With Fans on #LouboutinWorld

Christian Louboutin is keeping things up close and personal these days. The high-profile shoe designer, who boasts a cult-like following, is connecting with his extensive fan base around the world on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help populate his own website.

While Louboutin has mastered the art of footwear design, when it comes to the tech side of his business, he tapped three-year-old Olapic, a firm that helps brands use images and videos from social media to generate sales.

The initiative, launched today, features an online user-friendly gallery, #LouboutinWorld. Here, images uploaded by fans to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with that hashtag have a chance to be featured on the company’s website.

In an interview in FN’s sister publication, WWD, Louboutin said, “It is sometimes the simplest, least elaborate images which get the most excitement from people, and they showcase the architectural side of my high heels.”

Olipac’s technology allows a brand to gather pictures and videos posted by fans on social media or direct upload and then publish them on the company’s website.

Louboutin invites visitors to come the site and join in with posts on Twitter that read, “Do you live in #LouboutinWorld? Tag our photos for a chance to be featured on ChristianLouboutin.com!”

So far, photos on Twitter include one from Harry’s Girlfriend, with a pair of purple shoes that reveal plenty of toe cleavage and then lace up the calf.

The Chic Spy writes, “Give the world something fabulous to look at when you walk away!” complete with a pair of gold-studded pumps showing off their signature red soles.

The designer will personally curate the photos posted on his homepage, Christianlouboutin.com, selecting those that strike a chord. Currently, Louboutin boasts 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

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