Pharrell Williams Hosts Adidas Originals Supershell Event In Los Angeles

On Saturday, Pharrell Williams invited young artists and students from the Los Angeles area to explore the idea of what it means to be a “Superstar.” Williams and hip-hop artist Pusha T co-hosted the event.

Williams chose Pusha T as one of his hand-picked Original Superstars, which were featured in a short video last week. The idea of “creating for yourself” was the theme of the evening.

Pharrell Williams and Pusha T
Pharrell Williams and Pusha T.
CREDIT: Sean Costello.

Pusha T
Pusha T performing at the Adidas event.
CREDIT: Sean Costello.

The brand says that “Williams encouraged these young guests to reimagine the iconic Shell-Toe detail from an Adidas Originals Superstar, using it as a canvas for artistic expression, igniting their imaginations to create for an audience of one.”

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell interacting with guests at the event.
CREDIT: Sean Costello.
Pharrell Williams
Pharrell checking out some of the designs at the event.
CREDIT: Sean Costello.

Adidas invited guests to sketch their own Shell-Toe design. The brand posted photos to Instagram from the event, highlighting one girl in particular whose shell-toe said, “Music Makes Me Happy.”



The “audience of one” idea is present throughout Adidas’ campaign that features Williams, Pusha T, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Smithe, VJ Mian, and Yoon. Adidas says each of these individuals are united in their commitment to creating for an audience of one — “the true calling card of a Superstar.”

Adidas Originals Supershell Event
A guest sketching at the event in L.A.
CREDIT: Sean Costello.

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