[UPDATED] Artist Creates Air Jordans Out of LEGO Pieces

Following last week’s report on FOX Sports’ videos featuring Tom Yoo’s Air Jordan LEGO designs, FN brings you the second installment. This week, Yoo created the Air Jordan XI Concord using 647 LEGO pieces. Check out the second video below.

Sneaker and LEGO enthusiasts alike will be impressed with the work of Tom Yoo. FOX Sports has collaborated with Yoo to create a video series featuring the iconic Air Jordan sneakers constructed completely out of LEGO pieces.

FOX saw Yoo’s LEGO sneakers, which he posted on Instagram, and approached him with the idea of filming the process. “The images were awesome on their own, but we had a lightbulb moment that these sculptures would be perfect for stop-motion,” said Executive Producer Justin Ching.

Yoo told Footwear News that the idea to create sneakers out of LEGO pieces came to him at a Christmas gift-exchange party he attended with his wife.

“There was one gift that no one wanted — a LEGO DeLorean time-machine car from ‘Back to the Future,’” said Yoo. He noted that he’s a fan of the film franchise, so he snapped up the gift and took it home. He later found out that the LEGO DeLorean had not been the idea of a designer at LEGO but of an average person. This revelation, says Yoo, got his mind racing.

“What do I love that I could turn into LEGOs?” he says. The answer was Air Jordan sneakers.

From there, Yoo began playing with a free LEGO  computer program that lets anyone build whatever they want within that program using existing LEGO shapes. Yoo says some of his designs have taken up to a few months to finish. Most of his sneakers are about 8 to 9 inches in length.


FOX is working with Yoo on a series of five videos. He’s created LEGO Air Jordans in a range of colors, including lavender, gold and even a pair of Air Jordan Oregon Ducks. Yoo has also built a few pairs of Yeezys. FOX Sports will premiere a new video each Monday in August.


In case you missed it, here’s week one’s video.

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