Beyoncé Buys $345,000 Limited-Edition House of Borgezie Shoes

Word is spreading about Beyoncé’s next music video — and it has nothing to do with the song. Reports have been swirling that she has purchased a pair of stilettos from Birmingham, England, jewelry designer House of Borgezie.

Designer Christopher Shellis tells Footwear News that he created a special-edition pair of stilettos for the singer.

“These took over two months to make, with more than 1,300 diamonds set into solid 18K gold,” he said.

Shellis explained to FN that the heels cost $345,000 because the diamonds are set into the structure of the stiletto.

“All I can say at the moment is there is a more than very good chance that they are going to be in the next Beyoncé video,” he said.

House of Borgezie
House of Borgezie’s Princess Constellation stilettos, priced at $337,000.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The House of Borgezie is in the Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham, an area that is home to a high concentration of jewelry makers.

Shellis has previously produced several pairs of stilettos that are priced north of $200,000. The Eternal Borgezie stilettos, which sell for $230,000, are made of pure gold and feature more than 2,200 diamonds. Another pair, called the Princess Constellation, boasts 1,300 gems and costs $337,000.

It sounds as though Beyoncé’s pair will be similar to the Princess Constellation but will be named the Stella Constellation. In what comes as no surprise, money is no object for Queen Bey.

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