Tips For Keeping Feet Healthy During The Summer

With summer officially here, feet are increasingly exposed to sun, moisture and heat. Since warm weather calls for sandals, having feet look their best is essential.

To keep them well-protected from the elements, here are some seasonal tips to keep in mind.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, limit walking barefoot to prevent sunburn, as well as athlete’s foot.

Always keep feet shod poolside, at the beach and in the locker room to avoid picking up bacterial or fungal infections. If vacationing at a hotel, wear flip-flops or slippers on carpeting and bathroom floors.

And remember to use sunscreen on your feet. Make sure the tops and fronts of the ankles are well-covered.

Stay hydrated by drinking water. That will help minimize foot swelling caused by the heat.

Keep blood flowing by doing ankle flexes, toe wiggles and calf stretches.

Since summertime calls forwater-related activities, make sure wet shoes are removed and allowed to dry out completely to hinder bacterial and fungal growth.

Wear socks with anti-wicking properties  to keep both feet and shoes dry.

And, for those who want to give their feet a real summer treat, indulge in a pedicure. There are lots of fun polish colors that are sure to draw attention.






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