4 Ways To Show You Love Your Feet

Today marks the inaugural National “I Love My Feet” Day, which was registered earlier this year with the National Day Calendar and henceforth will be celebrated every Aug. 17.

To mark the occasion, Footwear News has compiled some of our best tips for showing your affection for those hard-working appendages that keep us strolling, sprinting, stomping and everything in between.

1. Select the right shoes for the job.

Athletes regularly face risk of injury, but it shouldn’t be from their shoes. The America Podiatric Medical Association recommends buying footwear made specifically for your sport to ensure you’re getting the right amount of traction and shock absorption. And replace those sneakers regularly, since most EVA cushioning breaks down with heavy usage. The APMA estimates that running shoes should be tossed every 600 to 800 miles of running or walking.

2. Invest in good insoles.

Comfort insoles aren’t just for people with foot issues. In fact, shoe inserts are a great preventive measure to ensure you never develop foot problems. And they can also be a boon to your budget since they can extend the life your shoes once that aforementioned EVA starts to break down in your favorite athletic kicks. There are many different brands offering after-market insoles for every type of need. Look for ones that are the right size and fit for your type of shoe.

3. Take protective measures.

In the summer months, your feet will be exposed to the world — and to all the dangers that entails, such as sunburn, scrapes and fungal infections. When possible, keep your feet shod at the pool and in public showers, and always remember to lather on the sunscreen, whether you’re going to be outside for a minute or a whole day.

4. Embrace at-home pampering.

Spa treatments are one of the best treats you can give your feet, but they’re not always so nice to your wallet. For a more affordable option, try a few of the many foot-care products on the market from brands such as Bliss and The Body Shop, as well as Burt’s Bees, which offers natural products, and Sole Mates, which recently introduced items like Blister Blocker and its own scrubs and lotions.

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