Ivanka Trump Talks Hidden Talent, Children’s Shoes & Brand Expansion

It’s all about execution, says entrepreneur and real estate maven Ivanka Trump of her work-life endeavors that include motherhood, her eponymous fashion label and a top-level role as EVP at the Trump Organization.

The woman of many talents launched her fine jewelry line in 2007 and soon saw an opportunity to enter the footwear space, in 2011, with a line of shoes geared toward the “modern professional woman.”

“Footwear is so exciting for me because it really got me into the fashion business,” Trump said as she addressed the room at the first-ever Accessories Council Summit at LIM College in New York. “I really hold that near to my heart—it afforded me the opportunity to enter additional categories.”

The mother of two says she couldn’t resist the urge to start a children’s shoe collection—something for which she often enlists the expertise of her three-year-old daughter who, as you might expect, has more than her share of the line try out.

Here, we share five interesting tidbits from Ivanka’s candid presentation at the Accessories Council Summit.

For the Love of Flats

“I love flats—I pretty much live in them on the weekends and when I’m on construction sites. I always have a pair in my handbag because functionality is key.”

Matchmaking Maven, Too

“My secret talent is matchmaking. My husband and I have set up seven couples—six of which are married already and one of which will be married this Labor Day.”

Shoebox Shenanigans

“I really love working on the children’s shoe line. It’s such a natural category for me as a mom. I get to bring home all these great shoes for my daughter and watch her run around in them. And then we get to use those empty boxes for fun projects.”

Go-To Karaoke Song

“I take karaoke very seriously! Whenever I go to a party or event and someone does a really good song, I make a note of it in a list I keep in my phone so I can perform it next time. My go-to songs are anything from Salt-N-Peppa to Beyonce to Taylor Swift.”

Global Goals

“I’m looking to expand into China—because it’s obviously a major market for apparel—and also Japan. I want to also grow more in the Middle East; we already have a footprint there with our fine jewelry.”


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