Traveling? Shoe Bags Offer Protection

Ready to hit the road? It’s all about traveling light these days. But leaving behind those coveted kicks can be hard. So, despite airline regulations about suitcase size and weight, shoes are often the first thing to take up valuable luggage real estate.

What many jetsetters don’t realize as they pack their bags to the brim is the unsanitary conditions shoes present near apparel and accessories. Since they’ve more often than not seen the darker side of city streets, it’s essential that footwear be kept separate from clean clothes.

While many travelers turn to extra plastic bags from the supermarket, there are more sophisticated and fashionable alternatives, from soft fabric bags that are washable to more structured versions that provide added protection of the shoes’ shape.

For a custom touch, Personalizationmall.com offers versions that can be detailed with the wearer’s name. They come adorned with shoe graphics, so there’s no mistaking what’s inside. And they’re cotton, so they can be washed.

If you’re taking a road trip where suitcase size doesn’t matter, Ebags.com has a structured version with a handle. It’s even ventilated with mesh fabric, allowing shoes to breathe.

Flight001.com offers the Go Clean Shoes zip-top nylon bag, which conceals odors and is made of washable nylon.

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