Storing Shoes At The Office: The Best Organizers

City living has its advantages and disadvantages. While it provides easy access to work, restaurants, nightlife and shopping, living quarters can be tight — especially when it comes to closets.

However, lack of storage space has not prevented shoe-lovers from routinely adding to their wardrobes without purging last season’s looks, creating an over-abundance of footwear. Since renting storage units limits is costly and limits accessibility, many women have turned to their offices as a storage solution, keeping piles of shoes under their desk or more discreetly in file-cabinet drawers.

To keep the shoe overflow neat and orderly, Footwear News has some storage suggestions that are affordably priced and easy to assemble. And they can be ordered online and delivered right to your desk.

Target.com offers Lynk Vela Two Tier Stacking Shoe Shelves for $13.99, which can slide under a desk, while Walmart has the Seville Classics 3-Tier Utility Shoe Rack for $29.99, which can hold up to 10 pairs.

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Shoe racks for under your desk.
Lynk Vela Two Tier Stacking Shoe Shelves from Target.
CREDIT: Target.com

If boots are your passion, Bed, Bath & Beyond has a Honey-Can-Do 6-Pair Boot Rack, selling for $67.99.

Shoe racks for under your desk
Honey-Can-Do 6-Pair Boot Rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

There are also clear plastic shoeboxes that keep footwear neat and easily visible. Crate & Barrel offers them in small and large versions from $4.87 to $9.95 (pictured above).

For those who prefer to keep their shoe overflow hidden in a drawer, shoe bags are an easy way to keep shoes clean as well as organized. Amazon.com offers Non-Woven Fabrics Travel Shoe Bags in packs of six for only $7.99. They also serve as a great travel accessory.

So go ahead, buy those red stilettos you’ve been eyeing without feeling guilty.

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