Shoe Care Tips To Keep Footwear Looking Like New

Whether you’ve just bought a pair of shoes from high-end cobbler John Lobb, or your first pair of wingtips from Florsheim, properly maintaining your footwear makes a good impression.

Following are some tips on protecting your footwear investment:

–Start by giving shoes a break between wearings by letting them air out a day or two. To help keep their shape, use a shoe tree. Those made of cedar also help absorb moisture and odors.

–Shoe horns may sound like something out of your grandfather’s closet, but they can help keep a shoe’s shape. Forcing the foot into shoes can stretch them in the wrong places.

–Nothing looks sloppier than a pair of old, unraveled. Keep an extra pair in the shoe box so you won’t run the risk of leaving the house with a mismatched pair. And, make sure they’re the right length and shape since laces come in flat to round versions. If you want to make a statement, there are lots of colored laces to choose from these days in everything from purple to orange.

–If living in a climate with varying weather conditions, use a leather or suede protector for water repellency. While it won’t make the shoes completely waterproof, it will help avoid stains.

–Putting a shine on your shoes is easy to do with a range of polishes available  in paste or liquid form. Check to see the color matches correctly or play safe with a neutral option.

–For suede and nubuck, stay away from polishes. Instead, use a soft brush designed for these materials. You can then apply a spray meant for water and stain resistance.

–A leather conditioner can help protect leathers by keeping them supple. While a leather sofa might look good with age, the same can’t be said for footwear.

–Lastly, for those who find themselves short on time, periodic visits to a shoe repair shop can yield the same results.

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