Street Style Photographer Phil Oh Reveals His Shoe Habits

The street style photographer — who shoots for Vogue and his Street Peeper blog — talks comfort, eBay wins and memorable shoe snaps with FN.

Total number of pairs: “Until a few years ago, I’d buy just one pair of shoes that I would wear to death, then grudgingly go shop for a replacement. Now, I have about 20 pairs.”

Favorite Brands: Nike, Osborn Design

Shoe Storage: “They’re strewn all over the hallway.”

Go-To Style: “I love the Nike Roshe One sneakers. Not that I ever exercise, but they’re super-light and comfortable. They’re also affordable, so it’s easy to amass a rainbow of colors to match various outfits.”

Oldest Pair: “I had to pack and move out of my last apartment in five hours, so a lot of my old shoes got left behind.”

Prized Possession: “I have some kooky Visvim shoes that are collector’s items. Also, I have a pair of floral-print Nike Kevin Durants that kind of look like a grandma’s couch. I had to buy them off an eBay shoe scalper.”

On-the-Job Shoe: “In winter, I wear Sorel boots. Rain, sleet, hail or snow, I have to be outside snapping pics. I couldn’t survive the February Fashion Week season without those boots.”

Retro Picks: “I wore Tevas a lot [when I was in high school] or baggy jeans with Timberland boots. I’m actually proud of that look.”

Shopping Destination: “I mostly shop online. The dudes who work at sneaker shops are usually really salty.”

His “No” List: “Dress shoes: brogues, wingtips, oxfords, monk straps. I don’t have any adult shoes, which makes it difficult during wedding season.”

Most Memorable Snap: “Those crazy Prada flaming-car heels.”

Best for the Ladies: “I love seeing women mixing high and low — some Vans or Chuck Taylors with their Valentino and Marc Jacobs is always a fun look.”

Coolest Collab Pair: “Nike x Liberty of London. I’m a sucker for a good floral print.”

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