New Label To Know: Made-To-Measure Ballet Flats From Margaux

In fashion, the simpler the shape, the more essential the fit. Just think of wardrobe perennials such as blue jeans, white shirts, little black dresses and trenches.

Upstart brand Margaux aims to bring new precision to another trusty classic: the ballet flat.

The made-to-measure online concept was launched earlier this month by entrepreneurs Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson, both 23, who met at Harvard.

FN sampled their pretty Fit Kit with guide, taking four foot measurements with the help of Buckley and Pierson (this can also be done on their site), which helps the duo ensure a perfect fit.

Margaux Bespoke Ballet Flats
A campaign image from Margaux.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

“We wanted to make it a simple, seamless process,” said Pierson, with Buckley adding that there is something “very tactile, harkening back to the craftsmanship of the shoe” about sending someone a kit to jot down their singular foot details. “It’s pretty intimate and easy — a nice balance for the modern, innovative approach we’re taking with our website.”

After having gone through a fitting, this flare-footed editor can report that one of my feet is over a centimeter longer than the other, a quirk that reportedly pertains to 60% of the population. Usually, I size up, but with custom-fitting, Margaux’s flats can be made in different lengths and widths to accommodate this and a slew of other toe troubles.

The duo promises turnaround times of under two weeks.

The finished suede flats, which go for $195, have a slight stacked heel and an uncharacteristically cushy sole, while maintaining a slim, chic profile. Standard sizes are also available. Those are made in Spain, while custom-fitted pairs are finished in New York.

Margaux Bespoke Ballet Flats
Margaux’s at-home Fit Kit.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

“We are appealing to a woman who is strong and bold, but still classic in her aesthetic,” says Buckley.

“She wants and needs an elegant ballet flat —structured, but still soft,” added Pierson. “Through our research, we found that an individual, accurate fit is the only way to get it just right.”

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