Teva x National Forest Artist Series Sandal Collection

As part of its Artist Series, outdoor lifestyle brand Teva is continuing to celebrate the expression of freedom embodied in its Original collection of web sandals with the debut of two new patterns by National Forest. The sandals will be available beginning June 15 on Teva.com for $60.

National Forest is a design firm and creative consultancy founded by artists and designers Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer. It brings their trademark bright, contemporary California point of view to the men’s and women’s styles.

Launched in spring ’15, the Artist Series blends Teva’s signature sandals with creative designs to honor the artists behind Teva who create wearable art. For the second collection in the series, National Forest reimagined the classic silhouette of the Original Universal sandal with limited-edition webbing and marbled details.

“Partnering with Teva was an exciting opportunity to design something National Forest has never had the experience of creating before,” said Harrington. “Art is about discovery; the webbing-design process was intriguing because it inspired a new avenue of personal discovery. This series is about stepping outside to engage socially and create shared experiences.”

In support of the launch, Teva and National Forest created a video that explores the collaboration’s unique identity and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles-based studio. The video joins the collection of Artist Series films on Teva.com

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