Sneak Peek: Venettini’s New Kids’ Line

The collection: 1989 by Venettini

Produced in: Spain

Price range: $80 to $95

Made for: Boys and girls

Breadth of line: More than 400 SKUs

When the recession rocked the market beginning in 2009, Venettini, like many high-end players, was forced to shut down its European production. This fall, the Miami-based children’s brand returns to its roots with the launch of a made-in-Spain collection that will be produced by some of the same artisans the company used in the past.

“One of the biggest catalysts is the change in the euro value. It’s dropped significantly, while at the same time, prices in China continue to skyrocket. There comes a point where there is not much difference between the Chinese and European prices,” explained Paul Farago, COO of Venettini. “Also, there seems to be a resurgence happening, with more retailers interested in European product again.”

The new collection, called 1989 by Venettini, pays tribute to the company’s earliest beginnings. “[The year] 1989 is when my parents started this business, working with artisans in Italy and Spain, so we wanted to play up that heritage,” Farago said, adding that customers may also connect to the name. “Many of the kids who grew up wearing Venettini are now having kids of their own, so there is some nostalgia there.”

Available in sizes 19 to 40, the collection will feature a range of styles for boys and girls, including moccasins, boots, ballerinas, oxfords, sport-casual shoes and dress looks.

Venettini is known for offering a selection of materials and color options, and Farago said the 1989 line will be no different, with more than 400 SKUs in all. “We don’t sell basic black shoes. People look to us for product that is special and unique.”

Priced slightly higher than the company’s core Venettini line, 1989 will target the same high-end department stores and boutiques. The collection is set to debut at this week’s Children’s Great Event Shoe Show.

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