‘Powered By Roar’ Launches On Kickstarter On Nov. 10 With XG4 Insoles

Matthew Arciuolo is giving athletes another tool for their performance arsenal. A board-certified pedorthist and owner of comfort-shoe store Arciuolo’s Shoes in Milford, Ct., the entrepreneur created Roar Athletic Performance, which produces the XG4 insole that is designed to improve one’s athletic performance.

Launched this summer on Poweredbyroar.com, Arciuolo today launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to move overseas production to the U.S. The first 250 backers will receive a pair of insoles for $99; next 500 will get one for $129 and next 1,000 at $149. The insoles have sold on the company’s website for $199.

The insoles are designed to improve performance across a range of sports, from football to running. Arciuolo, who has served as the pedorthist for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled/Skeletal team since 2005, came up with the concept to help bobsledders gain momentum during the push prior to  jumping into the sled.

Arciuolo developed a pure carbon-fiber insole that can push harder against the ground. According to Arciuolo, the insole stores energy while the foot is on the ground and returns it as the foot leaves the ground, giving the user greater propulsion. The insoles are customized depending on gender, shoe size, weight and intended sport.

While the insole initially targeted bobsledders, Aarciuolo said when it’s worn by runners in track-and-field events, “hundredths of seconds  could mean the difference between a gold medal and not placing at all,” said Arciuolo.

The insole can replace standard insoles found in athletic shoes and is currently worn by members of the Broncos, Giants, Knicks and Heat, in addition to schools including Texas A&M and UCLA.




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