Weekend Sneaker Releases: Nike & Adidas

This week brings several Nike and Adidas releases, some of which feature unique colors and patterns.

Adidas D Lillard 1 Forestry Edition
Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard and Adidas are offering up another D Lillard 1 color. Since the style’s original release back in February, the brand has released a handful of colors. In May, Adidas released a D Lillard 1 inspired by the legendary teal carpet in Portland’s airport. Now, the D Lillard Forestry Edition is paying tribute to the city’s forestry heritage with brown leather, flannel, and yellow cord laces. The shoes will drop Friday and will retail for $105 at Foot Locker and Adidas.com.

Adidas D Lillard Forestry Edition
Adidas D Lillard Forestry Edition.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Adidas Superstar Supershell
This is the latest collaboration between Adidas and Pharrell Williams. The singer chose artists from around the world to reinvent the sneaker’s classic shelltoe in new prints. The five styles are available Friday for $100 on Adidas.com, Adidas stores and select retail partners.

The Adidas Superstar ‘Supershell,’ designed by Pharrell.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Nike Field General Trainer 2 
Nike released a black-and-crimson version of this trainer last week and is now  offering up a midnight, navy and light blue version that will retail for the same price of $170.

Nike Fields General Trainer 2
Nike Field General Trainer 2.
CREDIT: Footlocker.com.

Nike Zoom Penny 6
Riding on the back of the continuously popular sneakers of former NBA player Penny Hardaway, the Zoom Penny 6 will be released on Friday in a university red, white, and black version. A copper-and-black version was released earlier this month. The sneakers retail for $185.

Nike Zoom Penny 6
Nike Zoom Penny 6.
CREDIT: Footlocker.com.

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